Sunday, August 7, 2011

Helpful links

i'm back again.
i'm so excited about this blog that i had to start posting things that i have used, seen or heard that have helped me!

The first one is a universal help for homeschool families everywhere. Other people, corporations, etc. pool their buying power to get discounts on things they need. Why not homeschoolers? We do!!! Here is the link:

The co-op has special months for each subject. This month is BACK TO SCHOOL MONTH
There are a lot of neat things available for a discount. It is free to join, and there are many things that are available for free too! (think student ID cards) Head on over to the co-op and check it out!

Here is another great website to help you with the "gentle art of learning"
We use some of Charlotte's ideas like narration, nature journals, and the "Book of Centuries". A friend of mine recently told me about the Scripture Memory System. It took me a bit of time to put ours together, but, it is well worth it. Enjoy browsing the website!

Another great resource is found at Donna Young.
Donna has graciously posted all sorts of forms, handwriting pages, attendance sheets, calendars, etc. for you to use to organize your school year. Here is that link:

Do you have a hard time finding good handwriting worksheets for your kids? Here is a great resource to help you! With this worksheet maker, you can have your child write whatever it is that you want them to write. i have used this to help Bitty, "write sentences" for discipline, ie, " I will not hit my sister" :)

Okay, just one more for now. Are you trying to figure out how to teach your young ones to read? Would they rather play games on the computer? Starfall has that covered! Baby has been teaching herself to read by watching and playing on Starfall.
Here is that link:

i hope these websites help you in your homeschool journey!


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  1. Great sites, Alycia! Thanks so much for placing them on your blog!