Sunday, August 14, 2011

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A lot of the other homeschooling blog-friends are sharing what they are doing for curricula this coming year. i thought that i would jump on that train! :)

Bitty is 9 and will be in fourth grade this year. Since last year was a extremely difficult for our family, we are a bit behind, although not enough to redo third grade. Since Baby just came home last June, 2010, we are kind of doing a Pre-first grade with her. She is already trying to sound out words and can read "cat" and "rat", but still needs phonemic help.

For Math, we are going to try Right Start Levels A and C. i say "try" because although i firmly believe this to be one of the best curricula out there, it is really tough for me to teach. It is bright and colorful and uses a lot of games and manipulatives to teach basic skills. The cool thing about them is that they take phone calls and can help the teacher teach! :)If you want more info:

For History, we all will be enjoying "Portraits of American Girlhood". PoAG is a unit study based on 7 of the American Girls. We are all excited that we get to do this! Both of the girls are really enjoying their American Girls and love playing with them. For more info:

Here is another great site that i found! It is not affiliated with the book, but, this wonderful homeschooling Mama gathered a lot of helps for using PoAG into one blog. Here is that link:

We are doing Nancy Larson Science 1, for both girls and will also be finishing up our Jeanie Fulbright Astronomy.

For Bible this year, we are going to be doing "Bible Study Guide For All Ages", Book One. i cannot tell you how much we learned when we started using this last year.
My friend, Linny, at told me about it, and we like it! The girls draw stick figures of the basic points of the story as i read it. There are daily drills to help them to retain what we read. You can also order a time line, and other things to go along with the study. You can find out more at:

Bitty and i are also going to do a bit of studying on our own. We are visiting the Creation Museum this week where i hope to lay to rest some of her doubts. She is my analytical one, the one who questions why she should believe. She is struggling with believing some of the basic foundations of the Bible, and i hope to be able to give her some firm answers. We will be working through Answers in Genesis' "Answers for Kids" Bible Study Curriculum this semester. If you haven't seen it, please check it out at:

For teaching reading to Baby, we are using Starfall. Starfall is a FREE online phonics website. They use cartoons and stories to teach kids how to read. Baby loves it!
Here is that website:

That is just some of the things we are using this year. We love to do read alouds, and spend a lot of time doing that. We are currently reading through the "Wizard of Oz" series. These were some of my favorites as a child and i am enjoying sharing them with the girls.

i'd love to hear what you are doing this year for school!


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