Saturday, September 10, 2011

Grammar and i

Hi friends.

Before i write another post about homeschooling, i need to share something with you all.
If you notice that i do not capitalize my "I" when referring to myself, it is not a mistake that i consistently make. i don't capitalize my "I" because i am nothing.
What do i mean? i mean that The Lord God Almighty says that His name is I AM. If i write "I am busy getting ready for school.", or whatever, it makes me feel as if i am comparing myself to His Wonderful Self. i cannot write that way without squirming in my chair.
In case you are wondering, i do teach my children the "proper" way to capitalize their "I". i also correct them when they don't capitalize it. i also tell that that if they want to write it like i do when they are out of college, that will be fine with me.
i am not doing this to bring attention to myself in any way. Others have asked me about it, and i just wanted share the reason behind it.

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled post!